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Why Use Storage Containers

Moving is a stressful time. Trying to figure out what you need to live with while storing unnecessary items. Often there isn’t enough room in the house for all of the boxes!

Storage containers help you manage the process. By having a storage container dropped off at your home, you can start the move on your schedule and still have access to your things.

How It Works?!

DropBox Service is perfect for the DIY mover.  Move everything in, and leave it until you’re ready for it. Then, have the container dropped at the location of your choosing. Move it once.

With our side load Hammar trailer, the container is picked straight up instead of being wenched on, making us the only company in the area able to move a loaded container.

Container Sizes

We have two sizes of moving containers for you to use:

  • 20′ units 1-3 bedroom homes

  • 40′ units 4-5 bedroom homes

Our steel-frame, weather-resistant containers are built to keep your belongings protected from the elements. Our heavy-duty containers offer peace of mind security for your belongings.

Onsite vs. Offsite Storage

With our side load Hammar trailer we can easily deliver your storage container to your home and leave it there. This allows you to work at your pace and move the unnecessary things out of your home. We have a variety of rental terms to fit your needs.

If you can’t leave the container at your home, we can store it at our facility. Our on-site self-storage facility offers you safer, and more secure storage options than other units. We offer a variety of rental terms here as well.

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